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Alumni Class-Wide Giving Competition

College or Trade School Scholarship

The Alumni Class-Wide Giving Competition College or Trade Scholarship seeks to assist award recipients with offsetting the cost of pursuing a higher education or a hands-on craft. 

Candidate Requirements
• Be a high school senior at either William M. Raines or Jean Ribault Senior High
• Be a graduating senior in good standing

• Be accepted and enrolled at an accredited college/university or trade school
• Have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. on 4.0 grading scale
• Have the desire to be a positive influence in the community 

Application Materials
• The completed online application must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the deadline date.
• Required Written Essay (1,000 words maximum)
• 1 Teacher Recommendation letter
• Student Media Consent and Release Form





Number of Available Awards

3 per school



May 10, 2021  Updated 04.29.21


Essay Statements:

Choose one statement from the list below to prepare your written essay.  Tell us if you believe the statement is true or false.  State why you believe the statement is true or false and include information from reputable cited sources that support your stance.  Share how these issues may effect you and how you may be able to do to make a change.  Make sure we can easily identify the people you look like through essay review.     

  1. Essay 1: The United States of America has gradually become more unified and tolerant of people that look like me.

  2. Essay 2: Votes from people that look like me don't count, so I see no reason to participate in the process.

  3. Essay 3: People that look like me experience discrimination at a much higher rate than people who do not look like me.  



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