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In 2005, a few members of William M. Raines and Jean Ribault Senior High School Class of 1990 met with full intent of joining forces to not only serve and support their class community, but committed to give back to both high schools as well.

Though we all attended schools on opposite sides of Moncrief Road, most of the current and original committee members either grew up in surrounding neighborhoods like Washington Heights, Magnolia Gardens, Harbor View, and Sherwood or attended neighborhood schools like Northwestern Jr. High, Ribault Jr. High, Oceanway Middle, Sallie B. Mathis, or Martin Luther King, Jr Elementary Schools. It just seemed logical to form this collaboration.


We started with epic annual joint class cookouts during the summer to keep our 1990 family connected, then later added mind-blowing Christmas parties to the mix. The first service-oriented fundraiser we hosted was the infamous "Old School Sundays" Labor Day Weekend Bowling Tournament held at Lucky Strike Entertainment. This event was epic beyond comprehension!  With the help of NightVision Entertainment promotions and the dynamic duo: DJ Al Pete and, memories made that night are still talked about today.  The bowling facility was packed to capacity and it was an amazing experience for many.  Before changing the location to Cassatt Batt Bowl on Cassatt Avenue, we held our annual bowling event on the Northside at Lucky Strike until they closed their doors.  

Since our first bowling tournament in 2010 and through combined class committee efforts, we have raised a total of $38,711.96 to be shared equally between both schools in support of much needed programs like student incentives, meals and supplies for after school and Saturday school programs, sponsoring vouchers for students to take the SAT and ACT, and now, we can add the awarding of student scholarships thanks to our huge success of raising necessary funds through the Alumni Class-Wide Giving Competition.    

Over the years, much has changed.  Committee members have come and gone as well as changes in school administration, but what has always remained constant is the committee's determination to make a difference.  There are times that we feel like giving up but our love for and desire to serve the community, our schools, and the students is so much stronger and wins every time.






We wanted to pay homage to past committee members below who started this journey with us.  They put in tons of sweat equity to make this planning committee what it has become today and we are thankful to have served with each of them during their tenure.  

Religious Statue
Ericka Brown (Angel Status since 2006)

William M. Raines Senior 

Keith Lovett

William M. Raines Senior 

Sonya Brown Ross

Jean Ribault Senior

Darlene Rock Clark

Jean Ribault Senior

Stephanie Henry Johnson

Jean Ribault Senior

Jennifer Brown Yarde

William M. Raines Senior

Felicia Pugh Gordon

Jean Ribault Senior

Felecia Blackshear

William M. Raines Senior

Deltra Davis

William M. Raines Senior

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